Bubble Free Application

Bubble Free Application
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Thank you for purchasing decals from RV Stickers

Give yourself a good amount of time to fit these decals. You will need to have a clean area to work, preferably indoors.

Do not fit these decals in direct sunlight. make sure the panels of the car are cool to touch.

Please read this instructions carefully before starting.

If you have any questions you can call Artcal during business hours VIC 9am - 5pm or send us an email

Tools you will need.

1. Prepsol or Wax & Grease Remover (Available at most Automotive stores) Isopropyl Alcohol work BEST. (Available at most Convenience Stores)

2. Decal Applicator (Squeeqee) Available from our Website.

3. Quality (Sharp) Snap Off Hobby Knife.

4. Measuring Tape or Ruler.

5. 19mm or 3/4 inch Masking tape. (optional).

6. Heat gun or Hair Drier.

7. Two (2) Clean Rages/Cloths

Warning: This decals must be fitted dry.

Bubble Free Application

Using water on application will ruin the adhesion of the decals. Failure to adhere to these instruction will be detrimental to the decal

1.Thoroughly clean the area to which the decals are to be applied with Isopropanol or Prepsol / Wax & Grease Remover. Inside & Outside the panel Make sure you use the "wipe on wipe off" method.

Now Clean it AGAIN ...!

When the cleaning is finished, you should be able wipe the area and the cloth remain clean.

2.Note where you wish the decal(s) fit.

3.Measure out where there decals go and mark-out the placement with some masking tape if need be. Place a piece of masking tape across the decal to keep it in position.

4.Carefully fold back some of the backing tape, trim the folded backing tape away if necessary.

5.Run your finger / thumb down the folded backing tape.

6.Working away from the folded edge, push the decal down firmly onto the panel with your hand.

7.Remove any (positioning) masking tape you may have fitted to hold the decal in place..

8.At this stage you will now have what we call the "hinge method". You will be able to pull the backing paper away slowly and at the same time push the decal onto the panel, keeping note that the stripe stay's in the correct position..

9.Now push/rub the stripe down firmly with a Squeegee (or something similar)..

10 Remove application sheet..

11.Push any air bubbles out with your finger or the squeegee (covered in a soft cloth)..

12.Fold / wrap around the edge of the panel if your decal needs to be wrapped around the edge. Some heat will make this easier. Trim where necessary, on an edge of an obscured overlapping panel so it looks neat..

13.Heat up all the stripe(s) especially the leading edges with the heat gun to a temperature that is hot to touch. If the day is hot; go park the vehicle outside..

14.Don't wash the vehicle for at least 2 days..

Lastly HAVE FUN !!!